With the nearly infinite number of porn sites available on the internet, it is good to keep a solid mix of different types in your arsenal at all times. You never know what mood you’re going to be in on any given day. Each time we get a boner, it wants what it wants, and we have little to no control over what our boners want – all we can do is listen and try our best to satiate the craving. Sometimes our dicks want access to endless archives of amateur porn. Other times, it wants the more polished, high-budget studio stuff – sexy paid professionals who make a living out of working a cock like it’s nobody’s business (except for theirs, of course, because it’s how they make a living … so, it is literally their business).

Other times, your dick wants to see a live cam girl, stripping down and rubbing her wet pussy just for you. Or maybe it wants to be able to browse a mix of professional and amateur porn for free – in which case, a free porn tube will be just the thing for your thing. The point is, there are all these different kinds of porn sites available out there, so you should at least be acquainted with all the different types.

And, ideally, you will amass a collection of the best for each type – a go-do, default site for each of the different categories. That means you should have a go-to free porn tube, an amateur site, a cam site, and a premium paysite, all at your disposal. So that whenever a particular craving hits your cock and the blood gets flowing, you’ll have exactly what you need at that moment.

And that’s exactly why I’m here: to help you sort through the slush pile of porn that is the internet, so you can more easily find out exactly which site will be right for you, for each of the different types. We are all probably more than familiar with the free porn tubes, and I’m sure we all know of the premium sites and studios that we like. So, today, let’s take a look at a free amateur site. For when your dick needs something real.

As great as it is to see plastic bimbos getting dicked down by paid professionals, every now and then it can get old. The fake, forced orgasms and contrived (and poorly acted) scenarios have their time and place. But sometimes we just need real, authentic, genuine sex vids of actual people going at it. When that mood strikes, you can always try Yuvutu on for size: an enormous archive of only amateur porn, and so much more than meets the eye.

  • huge collection of amateur porn
  • awesome community and social media features
  • very easy to chat up girls
  • tons to do
  • quality of vids (and girls) aren’t always the best
  • gay shit is thrown in with hetero content