You Porn (not “uporn”, but pronounced as “u porn”)! I’m not a picky porn fanatic. Yeah, I can get down with some crazy shit. Watching some 10/10 cumslut get tied up and placed on a Sybian until she’s dazed, drooling, and dumb always gets my dick rock hard. I’m also just as happy kicking back and jerking off to a couple of hot lesbians making out and scissoring. But I don’t need any single site dedicated to just that shit. Those sites usually cost money and get way too insane for my tastes.

Ropes are one thing, but when you start bringing out metal sounding rods and chastity cages, then I’ve got to duck the fuck out of there. And the good jack-of-all-faps porn sites usually lack in quality. You get stuck with the free, bottom of the barrel bullshit that only hormone-crazed teenagers jerk off to. But I’ve made it a point to find a good porn site with a little bit of everything, and I think I may have hit the jackpot on this one.

They are basically a household name at this point, but I’ll still give your ignorant ass the rundown. is a completely free porn tube site that boasts high-quality videos and free downloads for registered users. These sexperts have been building up their repertoire of raunchy, risque videos since the end of 2005. With right around 15 years of experience, you can expect only the best content on here. Are you standing? Probably not. You’re likely sitting down and getting warmed up as we speak. But, yeah, still, get a load of this shit. This site brings in over 400 million site views every month. No not 4. Not 40. 400 motherfucking million.

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