XVideos is one of the largest porno websites in the world. To be exact, since 7th July of 2018, it ranked as the 43rd most visited website in the world with an estimated 1,6 billion visitors /month. That’s a ton of jizz that goes to waste on a daily basis, which makes those cum craving sperm banks jealous as fuck. Then again, good riddance! We don’t need DNA from fucking losers in the gene pool!

XVideos.com was launched way back in 2007, so it currently is around 11 years old. Little is known about the French owner “Stephane”. At least the faggot isn’t a gold digger like the original owner of Pornhub. When he was offered 120 million dollars by an unknown source, the motherfucker said: “go fuck yourself and let me continue my game of Diablo II”. What a hero‚Ķ! Yeah right, what an idiot! If someone offered me that kind of money, you can all kiss my hairy ass goodbye, dipshits!

  • there are lots and lots of content
  • no ads
  • the player loads videos quickly
  • the page could look a little bit better