Woodman Casting X

WoodmanCastingX! Got wood, man? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the dad joke about this next porn site, maybe because it’s been around long enough to have influenced much of today’s current crop of new premium porn sites. WoodmanCastingX is the brainchild of Pierre Woodman, a French pervert who’s been making dirty movies for over 30 years now. He started doing the Castings X movies in 1997, and WoodmanCastingX.com was established in 2004.

Our freaky buddy Pierre really knows his shit. He’s been winning awards since 1997 thanks to his impeccable eye for hardcore pornography. Fun fact: “Woodman” is actually a pseudonym Pierre earned as a child because he was so good at climbing trees. These days, the site is giving a different type of wood to over a million visitors a month.

Casting Porn from a True Pioneer

If you have a minute to dig deep into pornographic history, I recommend taking a look at Pierre Woodman’s Wikipedia page. Very few smut peddlers have earned enough clout to have their own wiki pages, and the story is actually pretty fascinating. He claims he only started shooting casting movies to protect himself against sexual assault allegations, citing Mike Tyson’s rape conviction in 1992.

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