Watch My GF sure sounds like a nice name for a website. It sounds like it has a certain thematic going for it, but it really doesn’t. Was the original idea behind Watch My Gf to show off some dude’s (ex-)girlfriend to the world? Maybe he wanted to pimp her or something? We don’t really know that, and does it really matter? No, it doesn’t. I just wanted to come up with a cool intro, but I couldn’t think of anything else. Keeping it real!

The visuals of

Watch My Gf reminds me of some flash game from 2012, and I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. Rather, it’s a nice aesthetic for a porn website. It’s pretty neat, actually. You get a grey background, and on top of it you get a layer of white letters, thumbnails, above the black background you get a white bar that sits on top, and on this bar, you get a home button, and right next to it you get a search bar as well. It looks pretty neat, and I’d say it’s actually very comfy. Next, to the search bar, you get options to share the videos you saw here on Facebook, VK, Twitter and so on.

Why would you share any of these things on a social network? It would be the dumbest thing ever. Do you want your family to see what kind of porn you’re watching? Obviously, you don’t. So, these buttons are pretty much pointless. Also, doesn’t facebook literally automatically ban you if you post pornography there? Well, nevermind that. Right next to the big red button that says “upload,” you get to see two more buttons. The first one says “login” and that one’s going to be useless to you unless you hit the button right next to it. That would be the “sign up” button.

  • loads of great sexy content
  • no ads and a great player
  • a great page design
  • great benefits for signing up to the website
  • the “real stories” section is so fake that it physically hurts me
  • says it is amateur, but has professional porn too