Ah, Virtual Real Porn! We live in beautiful times, my friend. Never before has porn been as prevalent, high-quality, or close to reality than it is right now. And it is only getting better with each passing day. In fact, I read an article recently about a company that just uploaded hundreds of thousands of hours of blowjob data into a robot equipped with artificial intelligence whose sole purpose will be to provide oral stimulation.

Pretty fucking awesome, no? I’m not even worried about a Terminator type cybernetic takeover of humanity if I can have a robot that blows me on command. I wouldn’t even leave the house. By the time I finally walked outside the war would be over and all I would find is a post-apocalyptic hellscape of rubble and carnage and steel limbs. ‘Wow, this neighborhood really went to shit,’ I would think, ‘Oh well, gotta grab some more beer then get back to let Alexa suck me off some more!’

Unfortunately, we still have a few years to wait until the singularity and mass-market robot blowjob machines. What a bummer. The good news, though, is that there are still some really awesome and more real than ever ways to simulate sex to get you through those dry spells. Or I guess what you would call just your regular life.

Not only can you access any kind of porn at the click of a button any time of day or night for absolutely free, but porn has gotten more realistic than ever before. Thanks to the advent of virtual reality and Bluetooth technology, anybody who can afford it can basically fuck their favorite porn stars from the comfort of their living rooms. Just throw on a VR headset, choose a video, and grab your Bluetooth compatible pocket pussy and you’re good to go!

With virtual reality porn at its peak (and improving all the time), there are a fair amount of virtual reality porn sites to choose from. And, hey, investing in a VR porn habit is no cheap decision, so obviously you want to make sure that you choose the best of the best when it comes time to try out all that newfangled fapping gear you dropped a thousand bucks or so on. As you are already well aware, not all porn sites are created equal; the same goes for VR porn. With that in mind, today we’ll be taking a look at the premium pay VR porn site, Virtual Real Porn.

  • crystal clear 5k, 3d videos
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  • can be expensive with all the gadgetry required