Virtual Taboo

VirtualTaboo! Yes! Welcome to the future, perverts. We fucking made it! We’re well beyond the days of just streaming hardcore pornography to our TVs, computers, and phones. No, today we can stream smut directly into our eyeballs with sites like

VR movies are the next obvious evolution of the fuck film, bringing us one big-ass step closer to being right there in the scenes. Good virtual reality porn will make you feel like a pornstar; jerk off to the bad stuff, and you’ll feel like you’re getting a handjob on a roller coaster after eating some bad shrimp. So which is Virtual Taboo? Let’s find out.

Strap That Sex Box to Your Face

Virtual is half the equation at VirtualTaboo, and the other half is wildly apparent in the preview images scrolling across the top of the landing page. There’s a gorgeous Asian girl with a dick inside her, a big-titted brunette grabbing the cameraman’s dick, and a raven-haired hottie making eye contact while she sucks.

The titles scrolling by, framing the scenes, makes the whole presentation even hotter: Party Time Inside Sister’s Pussy, Wedding Tips From Daddy, and Japanese Daughter Gets Warm Welcome all made the featured scenes at the top. Scrolling down the page, the other samples are no less sexy. A sister cleans a room and sucks a dick, a mom gets a special gift on Mother’s Day, and there’s some kind of sexy dessert incident at a family dinner.

Below each sample image is a button to sign up for the site, and another that says Download. I figured the Download button was a trick, another door leading to the sign-up page, but it’s legit. Click it and there are options to buy the full thing or get a sample in a variety of VR formats.

  • hundreds of virtual reality sex scenes
  • taboo action
  • nice category selection
  • multiple formats for any vr gadget
  • two updates per week
  • costs money
  • the taboo theme is sometimes weak