Tube 8? 8 Tube? So what’s up with the number eight in the title? Is it the number of videos on the website? Is it really that bad? Are the people right? Just kidding, I have no idea what “the people” say, but if they say that this website is dumb, they sure as hell are wrong. I mean, the first impression is great.

What Pornverts sees right away is a very decent page design, an abundance of features, and even a premium feature for the cool kids, and an option to register to the website as well. So, if the first impression was the only thing I’d have to review I’d straight-up hit Tube 8 with a 10, but we don’t do it like that in here, and that’s why all the text underneath (and above) this line exists.

A very pleasant design, a great first impression

So, what do you as soon as you make your way inside a page? That’s right, the design of the website and all the videos on the home page, given that the website has any. Most free websites will have loads and loads of videos waiting for you on the home page, while premium pages will give you an 8-second snippet that replays over and over in the top part of the home page and that would be it. Well, that’s what it is like most of the time.

  • the page champions a great page design
  • plenty of great sexy content
  • little to no ads on the page
  • tube8 will sadly disappoint the rich kids because it has no premium content available
  • the player doesn’t buffer the videos quickly enough