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Interested in some premium real amateur porn at TrueAmateurs? Those of you who have been following my reviews know by now that I am a huge fan of wild amateur and homemade porn. I love professional studio porn, obviously, as well, but it is a completely different kind of love. It’s almost like I find myself in two different types of horniness—one that professional porn will do the trick for; another that can only be cured by watching sexy amateur girls getting fucked. It all really just depends on my mood.

I think I crave homemade videos when I need an extra dose of reality, when I need my porn to hit a little closer to, well, home. Sometimes I just can’t get into the staged and scripted scenes churned out by the big-name studios. In these instances, I need the real thing. I need to see real girls getting fucked by their real lovers, having real, intense orgasms. Not every cum shot can be reserved for plastic tits.

Amateur porn is not without its own inherent flaws, though. The video quality, for example, is all too frequently subpar (sometimes just flat out awful), you have to deal with guys who can’t hold a fucking camera still, and the majority of homemade porn videos (at least the ones you find on most of the familiar tube sites) are far too short to ever get you to climax.

The main issue that leads to such problems with amateur porn is that most homemade porn is unmoderated by the sites that host it. In other words, on a site like Porn Hub, for example, any registered user can upload a homemade sex tape for public viewing. There are no quality guidelines to follow, no moderators combing through the millions of new uploads for quality assurance purposes. If only there was a site dedicated to providing amateur porn of only the highest quality…

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