Tired of masturbating to the same old, massive video sites like PornHub, xHamster, and Eporner? No? I can’t blame you, but I can tell you that variety is the spice of life. There are other sites offering totally free, high-quality pornography by the sticky bucketful. One such site is Porn K Tube.

That’s not a typo. has been around a decade, so it’s actually just a few years younger than the site they blatantly stole their name from. So, how does it hold up to the classic? Not bad, actually. It’s smaller, but all their material is world-class HD smut.

WTF is Up with that Name?

At first glance, it seems like PornK Tube would be trying to draw visitors who accidentally hit K while they’re trying to get to PornTube. There can’t be a very high chance of that happening, though. None of the other letters are even in the same row.

I’ve got an idea of how that K might end up in there. It’s a long shot, so bear with me. Let’s say what led you to look at porn in the first place was thinking about that fat girl you used to smash, the one who gave really good head. The memory of that piggy squealing got you in the mood for porn, with an N, but you were also thinking of pork, with a K.

Yeah, I told you it was a stretch, but it’s all I’ve got. The mystery may never be solved. Who really gives a shit, though? All that matters is whether or not they deliver the porn. Or the pork, for that matter.

  • fairly big collection of premium videos
  • all hd
  • top pornstars
  • totally free
  • not the biggest collection ever
  • related videos unrelated
  • piracy?