Nutaku games! Those of you who have been following my reviews will know by now that I have not been, historically, a big fan of gaming or hentai. As far as gaming is concerned: I’ve never really played a porn game before that warranted all of the work and time that they require. In other words, it is hard to find a porn game that has a good enough balance between the gaming and porn elements—games always seem to lean too heavily on the game side, leaving the porn parts a little relatively underwhelming.

When it comes to hentai, I just prefer to jerk my chicken to real women, as opposed to cartoon bitches. Porn, for me, has always been about narrowing the gap between my fantasies and my everyday life. I’m talking about things like getting to fuck my sexy secretary on my desk, stumbling upon a sorority orgy, having a student stop by my office hours for a little hard-earned extra credit, you know, stuff that could, realistically, occur. Hentai, on the other hand, is just full of impossible situations. Not to mention, and I reiterate, it requires jacking off to cartoons. I just never got into that idea.

  • great site design and layout
  • awesome games
  • lack of bugs/glitches/game lag
  • browser-friendly gaming
  • mobile-friendly gaming
  • no ads!
  • nothing … it’s just a great site!