Net Video Girls has the kind of name that’s vague enough to almost sound innocent, but we wouldn’t be talking about it if it was. You probably already have some good ideas about what those girls are doing on video, on the net. Make a list of your favorite sex acts and follow along at home as we see how many of your wet dreams are about to be acted out on camera.

While they may have a lower profile than premium mega-sites like Brazzers, seems to have carved out their own corner of the Internet smut market. They get thousands of visits a day, and they’ve been doing so for a really fucking long time. They’ve been around since the dawn of the new millennium, laying everyone’s Y2K fears to rest with a fresh crop of girls-next-door getting banged. Two decades later, they’re still kicking.

Twenty Years of Sexy Calendar Sluts

Twenty years is an impressive legacy for a porn site, but their age does shine through in their design. Maybe “shine” isn’t the right word. Are those cobwebs in the corner? It’s not exactly ugly, but lacks the polish and flash of newer premium porn sites. Fortunately, there are a bunch of pretty girls to distract you, which you’ll see right from the very front page.

  • 850+ exclusive casting/audition videos
  • tons of fresh faces and sexy bodies
  • weekly updates
  • 2 bonus sites included
  • downloads included
  • outdated layout
  • limited scenarios