My Dirty Hobby! We’ve all come across the spammy, bullshit “hook up with horny singles in your area tonight!” ads and links on popular porn sites. How many times have you been tricked into creating a “free account” with a site like this, thinking that maybe, just maybe, it will be legit, and you’ll be boning before sundown? Well, I only hope that you never gave out your credit card information to one of these many scam sites. Because you ain’t getting fucked (well, actually, you might be getting fucked, in the sense that someone drains your bank account instead of your balls).

Either way, although we have all seen fake sites that promise real interaction with sexy girls in our area, one thing is for certain: none of them ever lead to real interaction with sexy girls in our area. Just hundreds upon hundreds of emails that we end up filtering straight to our spam folders. Why, though, I’ve often wondered, are there not real sites out there that could lead to potential banging? It seems as if our options are limited to dating sites like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid.

  • innovative social network/porn site model
  • tons of beautiful amateur girls
  • lots to do
  • ability to chat with models
  • no ads
  • expensiveness
  • commodification of literally everything
  • low share of profits given to girls
  • relatively tame cam shows