Motherless! What an original name for a porn site, don’t you think? The title doesn’t fuck around: your mother would never allow you to watch the kind of filth they’ve got on tap. They pride themselves on being a moral-free zone for sick fucks, where you can find damn near anything. I’m talking about desperate chicks fucking anything that resembles a dick, (fake) rape porn and crazy bitches literally eating shit. When you’re done fapping to the weird vids, you can even find “normal” porno to pass the time. It’s a place so hardcore, they host videos that no other site dares to touch. When the politically correct come knocking on the door, they get a big “fuck you” in their face. Motherless links have been blocked from Facebook, Reddit, and even edgelord shitholes like 4chan.

Welcome to the, a porn tube claiming over 1,500,000 visitors and over 25,000,000 page views a day, with over 23,000,000 user-contributed uploads and counting. They pledge to host anything legal forever, and so far, they’ve lived up to their promise. Let me tell you this: they are as massive as the Titanic, but no iceberg is going to sink this unstoppable titan of depravity.

  • real amateur content and slutty teen fangirls
  • an active community of perverts
  • a vast diversity of picture galleries
  • more depraved than most free tubes
  • crazy girls writing the motherless logo on their “body parts”
  • ads