Love Home Porn? I know I do. What’s not to love about amateur porn? Well, let me rephrase that—what’s not to love about amateur porn done well? Obviously, there is a fuck ton of amateur porn out there that really puts an emphasis on the “amateur” part of it. I’m talking about shaky cameras, shitty recording quality, 10 or 15-second video lengths. I mean, seriously, who the fuck records a video of 10 seconds of them fucking someone from behind in which you can maybe see the girl’s ass for like 2 of those 10 seconds and says to themselves, ‘you know what? This should be on the internet!’

These people are annoying and should be hanged. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. But they should at least be beat up a little bit. It makes browsing for good amateur porn nearly impossible! Now I have to sift through thousands of videos of your bullshit just because you thought your 10 second fuck was worth posting to Porn Hub? Fuck off, you incompetent imbecile.

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