Got porn? What a great play on the iconic slogan of the dairy industry that we all grew up with. Got milk? Well, I don’t know, but I definitely have a shit ton of heavy cream to spew all over your tits! And has plenty of material to milk yourself to, that’s for sure. With over two million videos (and counting) to choose from, you will never run out of porn. What a beautiful time to be alive.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of porn tube and video aggregator sites on the web to choose from and most of them only have subtle differences from one another. One tube might, for example, have more of a focus on hardcore, extreme content, while another might have an amateur bent to it. At any rate, though, there tends to be a great deal of overlap when it comes to which videos are featured.

This is especially true when taking into account huge tube site networks, such as the near-monopoly found in the Porn Hub network (consisting of Porn Hub, Red Tube, You Porn, Spank Wire, Xtube, PornMD, Tube8, Extreme Tube, and the newly established Model Hub just to name a few). You can see how there is bound to be some overlap, then, when most of the big tube sites online are owned and operated by one company.

That is why it is always nice to stumble upon a high-quality tube site that is not a part of this network. Not that the aforementioned tube sites are not great—they definitely are, in fact, many of them have become something of the industry standard when it comes to how tube sites are operated and designed—but, as we all know, variety is the spice of life, so it certainly never hurts to have an arsenal of tube sites at your disposal when it comes time to cum.

From the moment I land on the home page of Got Porn, I can immediately see that it is going to be different from the major porn tube giants. And, I must say, it’s pretty refreshing. Firstly, Got Porn has a sleek, minimalist design, lending to it a clean and organized look and feel. Whereas most porn tubes are very dark (black background, red text, etc.), making watching porn feel a little edgier or perverse than it needs to, Got Porn’s background is white, changing the entire feel of the experience a little bit.

  • stylish, organized design
  • extensive models’ section
  • huge archive of porn videos
  • ads
  • lots of repeat content
  • lack of community features