Czech Casting

Oh yeah! Czech Casting porn! I’ve seen this casting site before but I never went deeper into the nuts and bolts of it until now. As soon as I entered the site, there they were, 1901 models all standing with their clothes on. As I hovered with my mouse over them, all of a sudden the clothes were gone and they were butt naked, staring at the camera with a smile on their faces, all 1901 of them. If you’ve never seen this site I strongly suggest that you check it out since when you have access to you will fall in love with the casting process just like I did too.

The sites name CzechCasting already lets you know what the videos are all about and you can’t tell me that you haven’t seen these videos floating around the web. The point of it all is that they find all these seemingly naive girls who come in for a casting that’s supposed to be about photos. Some of them already know what the deal is and they eventually end up having sex with the casting director and the dude who is holding the camera the whole time. CzechCasting is pretty simple to navigate since they have three sections and all of them are pretty easy to understand what they deliver to the table.

  • the site’s casting vibe
  • excellent videos
  • 360-degree pics are amazing
  • the 2160p video quality is hard to load up