Blacked! Need some exclusive interracial blacked porn videos? You know, I’m not even gonna lie to you, as a white dude, I’ve always had trouble getting into videos that feature black actors fucking chicks. Not because I have a problem with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the swirl. It is just that, for me, I have a much easier time getting off to videos in which I can easily picture myself doing the fucking … videos where the dick doing the fucking could conceivably, with a little bit of imagination, be my dick. And, as I am not the owner of a BBC, it’s just really hard to imagine the BBCs I see in such videos belonging to me.

Either way, interracial porn is still a beautiful thing. Although I have an easier time watching interracial porn in which a Beautiful Black Chick (now that’s my kind of BBC) is fucking a white dude, I can definitely still appreciate videos in which sexy white chicks get fucked by black dudes, too, even if it isn’t my go-to for my personal fapping needs.

The website I’ll be reviewing today has turned this act of black dudes fucking white chicks into a verb. To black. The past tense of this verb, of course, would be “blacked,” as in, ‘that hot ass white chick got fucking blacked in that video.’ is a members-only paysite that exclusively features just that: hot ass white chicks getting “blacked” by BBCs.

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