I’ve come across more than a few times in my years of hunting down great porn. It turns out, though, I may have been pronouncing “beeg” wrong this whole time. I have always read “beeg” like an elongated version of “big,” as in, “damn, she has some beeg ol’ titties.” According to Urban Dictionary, though, the word “beeg” refers to the shorthand of BJ, as in, “there I was, minding my own business, when this sexy ass blonde chick came over to me, unzipped my fly, and gave me a beeg, right there on the bus!”

I’m not sure exactly how intends it to be pronounced, but, surely, either way, it seems to work just fine. Whether it is in reference to the site being a beeg ass archive of porn videos, or it is in reference to getting a beeg from the girl of your dreams, one thing is certain: you will likely never run out of content to blow your load to on

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